Lance Walters

Lance Walters
M.ArchII, Harvard GSD | M.Arch, Montana State University | BEnvD, Montana State University

New design-thinking skills are needed to address an increasing complex built-environment and to operate in the increasingly involved field of architecture. These skills must emerge from strong fundamental design abilities, rigorous inquiry and a broad engagement with technology and the environment.


Areas of Interest:

Beginning Design

Design Technology

Deign Fabrication



LEED Accredited Professional

Private Pilot

Curriculum Vitae



ARCH 100 Introduction to Design

ARCH 235 Design Studio w/ Digital Media Intro

ARCH 341 Intermediate Design Studio I

ARCH 342 Intermediate Design Studio II

ARCH 490/690 Technology/Fabrication/Design Elective

ARCH 434 Digital/Material Design Synthesis

ARCH 534 Digital Media

ARCH 543 Urban Design

ARCH 544 Comprehensive Design Studio