Waipahu Transit Oriented Development

black and white aerial photograph of waipahu highway system

Principal Investigators: Simon Bussiere, Priyam Das, Wendy Meguro, Colin Moore, Hyoung-June Park, Cathi Ho Schar, Suwan Shen & Daniele Spirandelli

A framework for state-owned transit-oriented development (TOD)

The Waipahu TOD area acts a pilot region to establish an applied research, planning, and design framework that supports a macro to micro level systems-based approach to inform the funding of state-owned TOD projects moving forward. The Department of Urban and Regional Planning, School of Architecture, and Public Policy Center are working together to provide the Office of Planning with a strategic sequence of academic courses and contracted work that includes community engagement, multi-agency interviews, site planning, urban planning, ecological hazards study, ecological conditions study, infrastructure study, flood mitigation measures, digital optimization models, housing needs, block typologies, and strategic planning sessions that begin to define a framework applicable to subsequent TOD efforts.