Wahiawa Freshwater Park

Lake Wilson watershed cutout 3d model and map

Client: State of Hawaiʻi Department of Natural Resources, Division of State Parks
Principal Investigator: Judith Stilgenbauer
Project Team:
Hayley Diamond
Calvin Bulan
Mark Lombawa
Michael Honyak
ARCH 415 Fall 2017

Lake Wilson: Wahiawa Freshwater State Recreation Area Study and Proof-of-Concept Design

The UHCDC will provide an analysis and master plan for the Wahiawa Freshwater State Recreation Area (Freshwater Park) in its Lake Wilson watershed and Wahiawa town context. Further, the team will develop programming and proof-of-concept design documents for proposed built environment interventions at the actual park site.

In its existing state, Wahiawa Freshwater State Recreation Area seems underutilized, impacted by water-quality, environmental, and socio-economic issues, and lacking in resilience and connectivity. This applied design research project seeks to contribute to protecting and enhancing the park’s ecological, social, and cultural/historic resources and public open space amenities for the community and future generations of park users. The proposed redesign of the park’s facilities will focus on ecological, water-sensitive design, resource protection, placemaking, recreational activities, applied research, conceptual planning and design investigation, and initial costs that assist with future capital improvement program justification and project definition.

context map