Ke Kula Kaiapuni O‘ Ānuenue Gymnasium

multi-purpose gymnasium building exterior rendering

Client: Department of Education, Ke Kula Kaiapuni O’ Ānuenue School
Instructors: Cathi Ho Schar & Kyle Hamada
Special thanks to: Kai Hawaiʻi Inc., J.Uno & Associates, WCIT Architects, DTL Hawaiʻi
Student Team:
Michael Honyak
Danalli Ignacio
Akira Ishikara
Catherine Kenjo
Elliot Lazo
Rollin Ritter
Amber Takeuchi
Sho Tetsutani
Christopher Songvilay
I-Mann Splisker
Summer 2016 ARCH 750

How can a public school building embody a Native Hawaiian world view?

The work of this 7-week research-based graduate level architecture studio represents a pilot partnership between the University of Hawaiʻi School of Architecture and the Department of Education (DOE) to develop a proof of concept design for a new multi-purpose gymnasium building for Ke Kula Kaiapuni O’ Ānuenue, the only K-12 Hawaiian language immersion program on Oʻahu. Students worked in partnership with the school, DOE, cultural consultants, design professionals, and engineering and cost consultants to explore the cultural potential and feasibility of the project.

multi-purpose gymnasium building interior renderingImage credit: Elliot Lazo and Amber Takeuchi
exploded axon drawingImage credit: Elliot Lazo and Amber Takeuchi
cross section drawingImage credit: Danali Ignacio and Sho Tetsutani
longitudinal sectionImage credit: Akira Ishikara and Christopher Songvilay